lower(the)depths is an interdisciplinary theatre project being developed in collaboration with Barak adé Soleil and diverse Montreal artists from August 26-September 4, 2015.

This ten day intensive residency and collective creation process will culminate in a public showing September 4th at the MAI Centre in Montreal. The Montreal reinvention, or iteration, of noted Russian activist Maxim Gorky’s socially conscious 1902 play, Lower Depths, deeply engages contemporary issues of marginalization and interculturalism.

Welcome to our online home, and living archive of our creative process. This online space will allow us to share ideas, connections and questions that emerge in our creative process. It also exists to aid in our reflection process on questions of identity, displacement and mutual aid – moving beyond, to our communities and the community, of Montreal

More about the Creative Interpreters and Developers

We invite you to witness the reflections and details from each day of our creative process

Projet scénique interdisciplinaire tout à fait électrisant, lower(the)depths est le fruit d’une collaboration entre Barak adé Soleil et des artistes et activistes. Puisant à même les adaptations cinématographiques et théâtrales de l’oeuvre [Lower Depths] écrite par l’illustre activiste russe Maxim Gorky en 1902, cette reproduction immersive met pleinement de l’avant les enjeux contemporains issus de la marginalisation et de l’interculturalisme.

Le spectacle: 4 sept. 2015

MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)

3680 rue Jeanne-Mance, bureau 103., Montreal, Quebec H2X 2K5

lower(the)depths is a project of creative peoples caucus, an international platform for exploring the intersection of live, social and civic art practice.

Additional support for this residency process has been provided by Concordia University Research Chair in Mobile Media Studies, Shauna Jennsen and The Critical Disability Studies Working Group at Concordia.

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