Day eight

September 3, 2015
Coming alive.
There is sickness in this play,
there is death.
The lighting, the lights
are bringing the play
Today were are running through the play. We’re adding the script to the scoring that was done on days six and seven. The group has grown close both from presence of proximity and from interest in one another’s well-being.
As an archiver and someone who has been tasked with co-creating an archive for the present and down the road, I find myself thinking:
Be present in the room or be out of the room
This echoes what Barak tells the Interpreters as they travel through the space and the play:
Don’t think about your next movement,
next entrance.
Be where you are
and that’s where you should be.
Whereas during the scoring process, directions were not given in detail on how to move but more the intention going into and living behind that movement, today specificity is added.
As script is added to the staging, the words tie back to the staging. The words the interpreters are saying are not the starting point, the motions, the energy and physical interactions are. Far off from a day one being sitting around a table with cups of coffee reading lines.
We spend much of the day getting as close to what is commonly called ‘rehearsing’ as possible.

We gather outside the theatre to discuss, disrobe, show garments, brainstorming and deciding on costumes within a few minutes per person.
Energy is high.

Some of us go to the mountain together to enjoy one another’s company as this collective creative process nears the last day; some venture home knowing we have a big day tomorrow, requiring big energy. We’re wondering about video equipment, whether we’ll remember all the parts of our costumes, we’re wondering what it’s going to be like to perform for an audience, this intimate piece.

We’re rolling and walking away from the Mai Centre, probably filled with as many feelings as there are cracks in these old, warn out sidewalks.
Describe in one or two words how you feel about tomorrow:
Weirdly fine; expectation; alegría; calm, ready, present; curious; trepedacious; magical; intrigued; apréhensive; enjoué; intricate; excited, sad; delighted, anticipating; playful, provocative, palpitating, penetrating, pleasurable. O. Wfoooooooo

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