Day Four

August 30, 2015

Day two of character study. We are in the black box studio, some of us returning after a day off from the creative process. We begin the day with Sacred Touch, sort of body work that involves one person guiding another to follow their movement with sometimes sudden, sometimes subtle gestures. This, we learn, is incorporated into the process of character study that follows.

These are the characters represented by the Creative Interpreters playing them. Questions were asked of each by the Director, Associate Director and Choreographer to draw them closer to the character and to those they will be closest to in the showing.

These select quotations are part of the collective creation that takes place when the Creative Interpreters are working to embody their characters.


Photo By: Nikita Bala

“What makes you strong?”

-“I’m a man”


Photo By: Nikita Bala



Photo: Danielle Peers

The interpreters are asked to ‘say that in one gesture’.

“I challenge, I question, and then I smile and disappear.”

“If I am a theif, then I am the thief.”

“I steal your breath. I steal your eye, your lips, your teeth, your tongue.”

ero's collage

Collage and photo: nyx

nyx reflects on Ero
I think of Ero as a multigendered being whose their polish hides their depth.  They move between center and margin, shifting power and struggling against capitalism and colonialism, sexualization and objectification.  A thief and sex worker, their magic is water in the desert, a space of love and creative resistance.


Photo By: Nikita Bala

“They owe me their money

They owe me their heartbeat

They owe me their fucking orgasms hidden in the night”

“You need a lot of money to be nice.”

Some Creative Interpreters “move between language as [they] try to find [themselves].”


“Find someone who can sing your song and sit with them”

Photo By: Nikita Bala


“What do you want to say?”

CHEEF responds:

Photo By: Nikita Bala

Who are you? “I’m probably not who you think I am.”

What do you remember?

“I remember running

I remember getting out

and I don’t want to remember anything


“We’re here now

We’re here now

We’re here now.”

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