Day One

August 27, 2015

We arrive at the Mai Centre for noon, after having met the group the night before at a festive and somewhat timid at first, mealtime gathering.

We are stretching and relaxing, some of us are connecting with our bodies and seem like they were made for this silent moment. Others are connecting with our uncertainty and seem to feel out of place; out of our depths. I think we all felt that way at least at one point in the day.





“This, in this room, is all we need. All we have to be.”

First, the individual is a pillar, taking care of themself

Then, there is another person there, also doing the same

These two pillar people connect with each other

Then, there is a witness in the room

Finally, we all become aware of everyone here together

These are the 5 intersections introduced to us today. This won’t be the last time we explore them.

Connecting through body work





Now we’re connecting physically, not touching at first, but following the movements of another, then leading them to follow us. There is vulnerability there, and heat. There’s the “marrow of a shiver”. There is this and there is so much more.

Who are you?

Why are you here?

What do you want to say?

How will you say it?

[reflections from Penelope]

 “Montreal neeeeds a project like this.”

Take this with you as you go: “the support and comfort that comes from moments of discomfort.”